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Recently acquired a 2002 Bardstown. At the time, the only thing I knew about Sullivan was the name and the pictures that I had seen on the dealer website. When I opened the package I was thrilled. The quilted resonator is truly stunning. As I worked to clean and polish the banjo, the quality of the components, the fit and the finish was most impressive. Most important, the tone is great; every time I take it to a jam I get compliments on how great it sounds! This is a quality instrument that reflects the highest standards of craftsmanship and I thank you for it. Keep up the great work.
Joe Dalfonzo, VA

I bought my Greenbrier in 2005 and can honestly say that it's the best buy that i've ever made,the workmanship is second to none and the tone seems to get better each time I get it out of it's case,I was lucky enough to buy it personally through Bill Sullivan who was a great help in advising me with my purchase...God bless you Bill and thanks everyone at First Quality.
Owen Duffy, United Kingdom

Well, the words that I want to say like Outstanding, Beautiful, Sounds so Sweet, Finest banjo made today, cannot truly describe how much I appreciate and love Tristan’s new Sullivan Vintage “35” banjo. I have only pulled my “33” out of the safe one time since receiving the Vintage “35”. What a sweet and mellow sound and even as deaf as I am and that the head has not been tightened yet, I can hear every string and note as clearly as any banjo I have had in my hands. All of you have built a product that truly has both the features I what in my banjos, Quality sound and beautiful looks. The craftsmanship put into the “35” is the finest that can be purchased anywhere. Best of all, how Bill Sullivan’s legacy is continuing beyond expectations. Ya’ll make me so proud to know all of you.
Dwight Purser, Monroe, NC

I recently purchased your Radcliff model banjo and was supposed to call and let you know what I thought after I received it. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the person I was talking to. So ... I want you all to know how absolutely delighted I am with my purchase. I am a 60-year-old grandmother of two who has decided to learn to play the banjo. My brother counseled me to purchase the best instrument I could afford, and told me the Sullivan was the best in the world. I keep it out in a stand so I can pick it up anytime I want, and it is such a pleasure to practice. I even sound like a banjo picker. Thanks for the beautiful instrument, [and] the terrific service. Now I have bragging rights.
Linda Mansfield, MO

I just want to thank everyone up at FQMS for making some of the best sounding banjos that i can honestly say i\'ve ever played. I aqquired my first custom banjo from Sullivan the first of 2009. They made triple sure that the banjo buying experience one, that i would not soon forget. The tone of my Custom Sullivan far surpasses my Deering and my 1967 Gibson. It has a crisp yet sweet tone, without being too harsh or brittle. Thank you guys up there at FQMS of making my \"Pride and Joy\"!
Alex Colvin, Green County, KY

I would like to thank you and tell you how much I love my Greenbrier natural banjo with [the] Pass rim. I have had it for over 2 months and it just gets better and better. Everyone who has played it loved it. It is a beautiful banjo and sounds great. I jam with a guy who has a Stelling and I was worried that I could not keep up, but my banjo, I think, sounds better. Great volume and clarity and you can’t beat the looks.
Barry Collins, GA

I just wanted to thank Jeff for the tour and preview of the Vintage 35. I think you've got me hooked. Louisville is my home town so it would be great to bring a little home to the Rockies!
Dave Pecoraro, Evergreen, Colo

I got my Radcliff today. Compliments to First Quality Music. Never played a better banjo. Sounds amazing :-)) I'm very glad to be a Sullivan Player now !
Uli Berzins, Ingolstadt, Germany

I just like to say I really like my Sullivan Signature Series. The look,feel and sound are just like a "new pre war" Banjo. Everywhere I play this Banjo, I get complements on the tone...nice,dry and vintage.The luthiers that have checked out the Banjo are impressed by the look and workmanship.
Chris Caputo

I want to thank you guys at First Quality for taking so much time in helping me with my banjo purchase. I bought the Sullivan Greenbriar model and absolutely love it. I got to play with my group for the first time yesterday since I had bought the banjo, and they were astonished at the sound quality and craftsmanship.
R. Kevin, Rigdon, KY

Just wanted to drop a line and say "thanks" for your hospitality … everyone made us feel welcome and the tour of your facility was tremendous … everything made me feel like a 48 year old kid in a fudge shop, especially the banjo wall! The gold flange and hardware worked great on my banjo … I showed some of my closest friends the banjo after all of the gold and engraved replacement parts had been added (I worked on it until 3 this morning) and one of them said he would come closer to making sure the banjo was kept safer than if it was his wife's purse in a locked car!!! WOW!!
Michael Dent, WV

My new Sullivan Radcliff is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I could not have made a better choice.Normally, I play my old guitar and banjo, [but] Monday night I didn't bother taking in my guitar at all. I played my Sullivan Radcliff all night, I couldn't put it down, it fits like a glove and plays smooth as silk. Needless to say, I LOVE IT.
Vic Bruce, KY

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new banjo – my wife thinks I have fallen in love all over again. The workmanship is the best I have ever seen, and the tone is every bit as good as you said [it] would be. I have an ’84 Scruggs and a Granada that was made in 1988, and this banjo will cover them up. Whoever you’re your inlay work is a master, but then, whoever does any of the work is a master. Please tell all the guys who worked on this project that I thank them all for a job so well done.
Calvin Walsh, NC

I would like to compliment First Quality on the Sullivan Banjo. I am the proud owner of a Sullivan Radcliff. I couldn’t be happier! I have had many compliments on the instrument and its sound. Keep up the good work,and thank you for making an instrument that continues to turn heads.
Doug Labout, CO

I had a customer call today and they were looking for a Sullivan banjo. The customer wanted either a Deering or a Sullivan. He called Mandolin Brothers for advice. They offered to play over the phone a Gibson, a Deering, and our Greenbrier. They played the three for the customer and told him that he may not be able to hear all the tonal qualities over the phone, but the Sullivan blew the Gibson and the Deering out of the water! I just wanted to pass that along, I thought it was pretty cool.
Mandolin Bros., NY

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